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Suppito - Soup Manufacture

MARYAM Commercial & Residential Design was commissioned to work on the refurbishment of an existing TCM soup manufacture in Viennas 6th district. Suppito is more than a simple manufacture, it is actually a longstanding institution in the area highly frequented by locals and non-locals.

Our client wished for a complete touch up while keeping the open kitchen, the heart of the shop, the same. We approached this goal by changing the entire color scheme, getting rid of the dark colors and the cluttered shelvings without loosing the focus on the essence of the store. We wanted to create an airy and light space as well as completely change the sense of arrival. We did so by adding a massive retail counter piece, as well as uplifting the shop’s finishes as a whole. We wanted to create something which represented the owners philosophy and reflect the manufacture's high standard of carefully selected products. To achieve this, we eliminated the dark colors and replaced it with an all-white look. White wall color and white tiles combined with natural oak wood and warm textile hues complete the new look.

The overall new design has integrated well with the existing design of the open kitchen, adding a subtle and elevated experience to this contemporary high end take away spot.

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