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EU Presidency Restaurant at ACV

When I was asked to design a restaurant in a 3000m² convention hall/garage for a maximum of 900 seats, without any day light and a black concrete floor I was excited and flattered at the same time. Taking on challenges like this is what makes me thrive.
We had 10 days to design and present. For a full week we sat down, looked at the room, looked at the layout and started to develop a design scheme. We drew maps, designed renderings and managed to win the presentation.
From the beginning it was clear to me that we have to keep the black concrete floor the way it is and just use carpets randomly in order to enhance the look and feel of the room. I planned the color scheme around the CI color of the client and we ended up using variations of pantone 550c in combination with concrete, marble, light gray fabric and a large patterned wallpaper. We had to use the furniture provided by the venue so all the materials and colors worked really well in combination with the off white tables, chairs and stools.
The room is filled with 9 concrete columns we covered them with white fabric and used them as a source of lighting for the inside of the room. We visually shrunk the room by building 6 dinning booths, 3 on each side. That way we could provide the guests with a more cozy atmosphere. In order to keep the room more flexible and allow for it to be separated in 2 identical rooms we built a large bar with a marble look right in the center flanked by curtains. By using glas pendant lights we gave the industrial looking room a more modern touch. I chose the design of the large patterned wallpaper because it reminds me of the art nouveau history of Austria and added a great deal of warmth to this huge room.

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