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Maryam Yeganehfar
, is an event and interior designer, based in Vienna.

She has over 13 years of industry experience within the field of event production and design, having created large to small scale event spaces for numerous clients worldwide. In 2020 she launched her interior design studio where she conceives boutiques, restaurants, coffee houses and private residences.

Maryam’s creative approach is influenced by her Persian background, her years spent in Los Angeles and her love for travelling. She is a firm believer of holistic approaches when it comes to interior and design. Maryam loves to infuse her projects with Scandinavian design aesthetics mixed with mid century and oriental decorative and material inspirations. Many years of traveling, treasure hunting as well as bringing home her treasures from the worlds most thought after vintage markets has taught her the value of objects with a story.

Weaving her cultures of Persian, European and American together, undoubtedly adds her distinctive style to each project, be it commercial or residential.

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